Stalkers Corner

Welcome to Stalkers corner (that's a joke you know!)
This is a collection of Photographs taken or collected, or Autographs I have collected over the years.

Cindy Crawford 1
Cindy Crawford 2
Cindy Crawford 3

Cindy Crawford 4
Jill Goodacre

Joe Montana
Joe Montana 2
Joe Montana 3
Jerry Rice

Steve Young
JJ Stokes

Bret Favre

Film and TV Stars
Star Trek Autographs
Tom Selleck
Kirk Douglas
Sherwood Schwartz
Sherwood Schwartz (Gilligans Island)
Sherwood Schwartz (Brady Bunch)
Chuck Jones (Bugs Bunny)
Rodney Dangerfield
Lucy Lawless (Xena)
Kevin Sorbo (Hercules)
Rene O'connor (Gabrielle)

Jonathan Harris (Dr. Smith)
Coach (the show)
Tres MacNeille ( Simpsons Voice)
Bruce Cambell
Dirk Benedict
Kevin Smith
Victoria Pratt
Jennifer Sky
Gina Torres
James Doohan

Musicians and Bands
Tori Amos
The Fixx
Bill Bruford (Yes, King Crimson, UK)
John Wetton (Asia, UK, King Crimson)
Alan Holdsworth (UK, Bruford)
Ronnie Montrose
Ronnie Montrose 2

Michael Pinder (Moody Blues)

Christopher Cross
Steve Lukather
King Crimson
Emerson Lake and Palmer
Camel (Andrew Latimer)
Camel (Latimer 2)
Steve Hackett
Rita Coolidge
Bruce Johnston (Beach Boys)
Chris Isaak