U. K.
Bill Bruford, John Wetton, Alan Holdsworth, Eddie Jobson
(Terry Bozzio)

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Bill Bruford
Alan Holdsworth
Eddie Jobson
Terry Bozzio
John Wetton

UK, UK. The First UK album featured Eddie Jobson, Alan Holdsworth and fresh out of King Crimson John Wetton and Bill Bruford. Probably on of the most over looked greats of progressive rock. A Collection of brilliant songs with instrumental sections like those on Brufords ONE OF A KIND and a Yes/Crimson Flavor. One of my favorite albums of all time.

Danger Money was a shock. Suddenly no Bruford or Holdsworth. I got a chance to ask Alan Holdsworth backstage one night why he and Bruford left the band. He Stated that they were fired "by the producers". I guess they wanted a pop album. Either way, this is still a good effort and Terry Bozzio is a great Drummer.

Night After Night is a decent live album with new tracks. Some of the tracks from Danger Money are better performed live, like Nothing to lose.


Eddie Jobson Has done two solo projects, THEME OF SECRETS, and ZINC THE GREEN ALBUM. Both are out of print. He also played with YES and was in the music video for owner of a lonely heart though he never recorded on a yes album. He also soundtracked the show Nash Bridges.