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Steve Hackett-Voyage of the Acolyte 1975

Before leaving Genesis, Steve did this solo album. It features Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford and is quite good. It is a very progressive rock album with bits of the classical element. Definately some of his best work. Now remastered with bonus tracks

Steve Hackett-Please Don't Touch 1978

Steve's first solo project after leaving Genesis. The title track is probably the best song. Quite a powerful instrumental. Guest artists on this album include Steve Walsh and Phil Ehart (Kansas) and Richie Havens. The album is quite experimental in style. Many different moods.Now remastered with bonus tracks

Steve Hackett-Spectral Mornings 1979

This is a beautiful album. It is filled with emotion and wonderful guitar work. There are some great experimental tunes as well as some rockers. What else can I say, I love this one. Now remastered with bonus tracks

Steve Hackett-Defector 1980

This is a slightly darker album but I love this one too. It features the magnificent Hammer in the Sand which is a slow melodic mostly piano and strings track. This album is very experimental but also being in line with the beginning of the 80's has mostly short tracks.Now remastered with bonus tracks

Steve Hackett-Cured

This is where Steve first decided he would do all of the singing and abandon his band. This album has a few good tracks, including THE AIR CONDITIONED NIGHTMARE. However it seemed as if Steve had lost his way. Perhaps INFECTED would have been a better name. If you are a die hard fan it is worth it for the good tracks.