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Images at Twilight
Silent Knight
Worlds Apart
Heads Or Tales

Wildest Dreams
Beginners Guide to Throwing
Security of Illusion
Steel Umbrellas

Generation 13
Pleasure and the Pain
Full Circle
House of Cards


works, Detours, How do I look,
In Transit and the DVD Silhouette.

Saga is (Usually)

Michael Sadler: Vocals
and occasional bass & keys
Jin Crichton: Bass
Ian Crichton: Guitars
Jim Gilmour: Keyboars, vocals
Steve Negus: Drums

Ian Crichton Has released two solo
projects including

Welcome to the Boom Boom Room

Michael Sadler solo release


saga saga


The first Saga album. Probably the most inventive and progressive but not one of my favorites. Its good and a wonderful first album but some of it is lacking something.

REMASTERED with bonus material

saga images at twilight
Images at Twilight

The second installment was an improvement in some ways and in others the direction was still missing. However songs like Images and Mouse in a Maze are quite excellent.

REMASTERED with bonus material
silent knight
Silent Knight

The consistency was achieved here on the third album. The feel and performances flow with a mix of that Saga Point / Counter point Style between guitar and keyboard. A wonderful album.

REMASTERED with bonus material
worlds apart

Words Apart

Pop Progressive and producing all come together here in one of their most accessable albums. There is a little something for everyone here. Instrumentals, guitar solos and the excellent production of Rupert Hine. Includes the hit on the loose.

REMASTERED with bonus material, wind him up video

heads or tales

Heads or Tales

More of the same if not better. Being a keyboard fan I love the mix of keys and guitars on this album. The pitchman being a favorite. Includes wind him up and The Flyer. Also produced by Rupert Hine.

REMASTERED with bonus material, extended version of Catwalk