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Fly By Night
Caress of Steel
All the Worlds a Stage
Farewell To Kings
Permanent Waves
Moving Pictures
Exit Stage Left
Grace Under Pressure
Power Windows
A Show Of Hands
Hold Your Fire
Roll the Bones
Test For Echo
Vapor Trails
In Rio
Snakes and Arrows

While Fly By Night was the first Rush album to feature the now Classic lineup of Lee Lifeson and Peart it was two albums later with 2112 (1976) that Rush did what many consider their masterpiece. While Caress of Steel was also an album with a concept 2112 took it to another level. Because of the cover many considered the album satanic but in fact is more about the control of govt over the masses with basis in the philosophy of Ayn Rand.

While Farewell to Kings and Hemispheres were examples of the Rush epic album, Permanent Waves (1980) marked an end of the long epic as well as a specific sound for Rush. With classic songs like Free WIll and Spirit of Radio Rush hit the FM air waves and collected an even greater audience. An audience that was about to find a Rush about to take on the Keyboard age of the 1980's.

Moving Pictures(1981) is a favorite of many. With songs like Tom Sawyer, Red Barchetta and YYZ how can you go wrong. The album marked the heaviest use of keyboards to date. the following two albums, Signals and Grace Under Pressure would expand on the use of keyboards as well.

Signals marked a new heavy keyboard based sound for Rush. Some loved it, some hated it. While the band lost a few fans they gained many at the same time. With the single NEW WORLD MAN, and songs like LOSING IT and SUBDIVISIONS the  album is another classic.

2112 is to the 1970's Rush as Power Windows (1985) is to the 1980's Rush. Probably the masterpiece of the Keyboard era of Rush. I just can't say enough about this album. The weakest track is probably the hit, Big Money and the best is probably Mystic Rhythms. The Following albums Hold Your Fire, Presto, and Roll the Bones varied in quality and musicianship but all had that Rush sound.

Counterparts was another peak for me. Probably the best album album the band did in the 1990's and I think better than Test For Echo which I heard so much good about but just didn't like that much. The Lyrics are some of the weakest for Neil. Remastered in 2004 or 2005.

However, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson have both released Solo projects after the release of Counterparts.

Feedback is probably just for the loyal Rush fans as it is a covers album of songs that influenced the band. 
Snakes and Arrows is the first Rush album since Counterparts that really has me listening. With the producer listed as helping with arrangements the album has solid songs with good lyrics. Welcome back to the top guys.