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Ronnie Montrose

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INERTIA is NOT the same

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Open Fire
Speed of sound
Diva Station
Mutatis Mutandis
Music From Here
Mr Bones
Roll Over and Play Live

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After playing with such artists as Van Morrison and Edgar Winter, Ronnie Montrose formed MONTROSE in 1973 with Sammy Hagar, Bill Church and Denny Carmassi. The band had great success with such fm classics as Rock Candy, Bad motor Scooter, Rock the nation, and Space Station #5. This is Classic American Rock.

The Second Montrose album continued with a similar feel although a less interesting cover. Sammy Hagar and Denny Carmassi returned to play on this album although it would be the last Montrose album to feature Sammy.

Warner Bros. Presents. Some things are never the same when a line up changes. If you like Montrose you will like this album, but it you are a Sammy Hagar fan then you have to give this a listen. Its a nice piece of rock and roll.


Frequently out of print these days is JUMP ON IT. This was the last Montrose album of the 1970's. Ronnie Montrose moved on to do an all instrumental album titled OPEN FIRE and the trend would continue with Ronnie releasing as many as 9 solo projects most without any vocals. Ronnie and Denny Carmassi have also teamed up with Davey Pattison and Glenn Letsch and worked on the GAMMA projects including the new Gamma 4.


The only Montrose album in the 1980's. It has some very good tracks but is out of print. Fortunately the best tracks are available on the best of Montrose which features excellent remastering.


This compilation is a good one, Featuring the best of each album and great liner notes from Ronnie Montrose it is a true Gem for those who need a MONTROSE fix but can buy em all.


To read more about RONNIE MONTROSE please visit my montrose site.