The band that sounded like old Genesis and lost the Gabriel sounding fish only to continue on triumphant.

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Script for a jesters tear
Misplaced Childhood
Clutching at Straws
Reel To reel
Brief Encounter

Seasons end
Holidays in eden
Afraid of sunlight

This strange engine
Dot Com


Made Again
and a whole mess of live and b side

Script for a jesters Tear
By far the Fish Fans favorite but not mine. I think this is a very deep and progressive album with that Old Genesis sound to it. Fish Is a great vocalist but I feel things only got better after this album. New release contains bonus disc of extra tracks.

Although it sounds a little more pop than the first album this album has bite and a better tight sound by the band. Overall a good effort.

New release contains bonus disc of extra tracks.

Misplaced Childhood
Masterpiece number one for the band. An emotional progressive album in which all the songs run together. This was the first marillion I ever heard and I really loved it.

New release contains bonus disc of extra tracks.

Clutching at straws
The second masterpiece. Even more emotional than Childhood but perhaps not as progressive. I love the album and don't mind the fact that it is not a progressive. I love it for the feeling. It is my favorite in the fish line of Marillion albums. He went solo after this one. His first solo effert is almost a carry over of this story.

New release contains bonus disc of extra tracks.

Reel to Reel and Breif encounter in one cd
Personally I really could care less but the die hard fans seem to like this one so its is here but I am not reviewing it. It is live and studio material that didn't make it onto some of the previous releases.