Machines Of Loving Grace
A hard band to classify. A little Metallica, a little White Zombie a little metal-techno-industrial.
But great music.

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Ronnie Montrose
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The First Machines of Loving Grace album is self titled. Very much like a first album, some of the best features of this album are expanded on future albums and many of the "bad" things on this album are later dropped. Not the best album they have done but worth a listen.

Concentration is MACHINES masterpiece. I can't say enough about this album. With one song that got some airplay (butterfly wings) and some other powerful songs like IF I SHOULD EXPLODE and BIKINI ATOL this album rocks with feeling. The music is filled with what I would call powerful angry songs. A great listen.


The Third Machines album (Gilt) is more like a hard rock album. Although it has the industrial elements of concentration it is harder and less produced. This leaves a great raw sound that still has great production. Definately a great final effort, I say this because I think this band is no longer with us.