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A Curious Feeling is one of Tony Banks best works. Recorded around the time of And Then There Were Three it sounds as a cross between that album and Duke.
A must have for Genesis fans of that ERA.


The Fugitive is probably my least favorite Tony Banks ablum. Tony dicided to sing on this one and it just doesn't work, But if you must have it, here is the link.

Another great album by tony, Bankstatement to me is the best solo work he has done since a curious feeling. A great choice of vocalists (Alistair Gordon and Jayney Klimek) and a nice set of songs. it is more popish than progressive.

Tony has soundtracked a few films such as Quicksilver. I don't have this one so it's just here for info.

Still is in the style of Bankstatement but not quite as good. It does feature many of the same vocalists including a 9 minute song with Fish of Marillioin fame.

Tony has also done a project called Strictly Inc.