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Banks, Rutherford, Gabriel, Phillips, Mayhew

Genesis to Revelation, the first Genesis album sounds more like a bad moody blues album. There are a few interesting tracks but overall if you are not a die hard fan, pass this one up.

Banks, Rutherford, Gabriel, Phillips, Mayhew

Trespass, the second Genesis album was a big improvement and still one of my favorites. I like it more than Nursery Cryme. Gabriel had better confidence with his voice and the songs were very crafty. White mountain notably being one of my favorite songs.

Banks, Rutherford, Gabriel, Hackett, Collins

Nursery Cryme has some great tracks and is the first album to feature Phil Collins and Steve Hackett. I think that live versions of some of these songs are better on Genesis live. A wonderful album though.

Banks, Rutherford, Gabriel, Hackett, Collins

Foxtrot features one of my Genesis favorites of all time. The 20 plus minute epic SUPPERS READY. I also love the live version with collins on vocals featured on seconds out, and the live version on the genesis box set "archives".

Banks, Rutherford, Gabriel, Hackett, Collins

Genesis Live is a fine, but short, collection of live tracks from the privious 3 albums. I enjoy it but wish it had been a double.