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Face Value

A very Personal album by Phil. A very minimalistic album. A departure from genesis at the time, although I Missed again sounds like songs on abacab. An interesting first effort.

Hello I must be going

One of my favorite Collins albums. Although a somewhat personal love song based album it definately is not without a lot of feeling. Do you know, do you care being one of my favorite tracks.


No Jacket Required

This is where Phil Collins started to lose me. While I still really like some songs on this album some of it was just way to pop for me. I love "we said hello, goodbye" and " long long way to go" and it include the overplayed hits "one more night" and "take me home".


But Seriously

An improvement on the previous album. Includes such guests as Eric Clapton. Overall if you like No jacket you will like this one.

If you are unsure if you might like a lot of collins stuff then start with the hits cd. I really didnt like much of his work after but seriously. The hits package will get you all the radio songs and some that are not on his albums.