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Cy Curnin, Jamie West-Oram, Rupert Greenall, Dan K. Brown, Adam Woods, Charlie Barrett

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Shuttered Room was the First Fixx Album. It has a wonderful new wave and almost punkish feeling at times. The sound was more raw yet the music was tight. Classic MTV tracks included were RED SKIES and STAND OR FALL. CD versions Include Bonus tracks of Time in a Glass, Sinking Island, and Extended Red Skies and Stand or fall. Different Cd releases have Different Bonus tracks.Produced by Rupert Hine.

The Fixx refined their sound with Reach the Beach. Featuring the hits ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER and SAVED BY ZERO this album is a lot more moody. Produced By Rupert Hine. Remastered with cool bonus tracks.

Phantoms was a good album that never got noticed. Sure it had some hits, SUNSHINE IN THE SHADE and ARE WE OURSELVES but it just never took off. The Current CD release features a remastered sound with bonus tracks of Extended versions of I WILL, LESS CITIES and a live version of SUNSHINE IN THE SHADE. PRODUCED BY Rupert Hine.

Walkabout is my favorite of the first 4 Fixx albums (the only four produced by Rupert Hine). With songs on the radio like Secret Separation and Built for the Future and interesting tracks like ONE LOOK UP this album flows really well.
This cd appears to be out of print but you can get it used at amazon

The Greatest Hits of the First 4 Fixx albums is a good sampler. Sadly it comes with live versions of Stand or Fall and Red Skies but it does have the songs DEEPER AND DEEPER and LETTER TO BOTH SIDES (FROM THE FILMS STREETS OF FIRE and FLETCH RESPECTIVELY). Worth owning if you don't want to be a fixx fan.