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Echoes-2cd Compilation
A good cd sampler.

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Lunar Sea
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Rain Dances
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Dust and Dreams
Harbour of Tears
A nod and a wink

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On the road 72
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Never Let Go
Coming of age

Pressure points
Coming of age
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The First Camel album was a little raw but shows all the signs of the talented Jazzy Progressive band that they were. A little like Yes, Genesis and Pink Floyd put together around the early 70's Camel was to become a great but frequently over looked band. Featuring the Bands classic lineup of Andy Ward-drums, Doug Ferguson-bass and vocals, Andrew Latimer-guitar vocals and pete bardens-keyboard. Check out the song NEVER LET GO. Digitally remastered with bonus tracks-Import (I couldn't get this one to come up on amazon so if you want the bonus tracks go to

MIRAGE is quite the step up from Camel. The recording quality, production and performances all improved.Great instrumentals with progressive jazzy tracks and vocals similar to pink floyd. NIMRODEL and LADY FANTASY are stand out tracks.

Digitally remastered with bonus tracks-Import

For a band to take on an all instrumental concept album around 1975 was more acceptable than it is now. But camel did this early on and THE SNOWGOOSE is a masterpiece. A little like Jethro Tull instrumentals crossed with early Genesis it is quite an enjoyable cd.

Digitally remastered with bonus tracks-Import

Moonmadness is another classic for Camel and the last to feature Doug ferguson. Another night, Air Born and Lunar Sea are all stand out tracks. Probably one of the best albums Camel ever did.

Digitally remastered with bonus tracks-Import

RAIN DANCES was the first album to feature Richar Sinclair on Bass and Mel Collins on sax. The album has a happier feeling on some songs. Less melancholy perhaps. Its a great effort but lacking a little of what Moon had.