Jethro Tull
Most Tull fans worship the early work and consider the later material (post "Songs from the wood") just bonus discs. I come from a different perspective. I don't care for the first 3 albums at all. Aqualung is a classic as are Thick as a Brick, Living in the past, Mistrel in the gallery etc. But I prefer the Hits on the early work. For me Tull begins with Songs From the Wood and with ups and downs Produces some classics along the way.

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This Was
Stand Up
Thick as a brick
a passion play
Living In the Past
Minstrel in the Gallery
Too young to rock and roll
War Child
Songs From the Wood
Heavy Horses

Bursting out Live
Storm Watch
Broadsword and the beast
Under Wraps

Crest of a Knave
Rock Island

Catfish Rising
Roots To Branches

A little Light Music
Dot Com

Christmas Album

Box Sets and best of disc

Night Cap 2 disc
25 Cigar box 4 disc
The Very Best Of

Ian Anderson Solo

Walk into Light

Secret Language of Birds
Rupi's Dance

Certainly a classic album even if the title track is over played. Ian Anderson writes some really dark material here where a lot of other tull work is more pleasant. This is a must have for any Tull collector. By the way all tull albums are being remastered with bonus tracks.

Songs From The Wood
It has come to my attention that the front cover is a painting, but I can't seem to prove that. This is a great album. Progressive Rock with a rennaisance feel. The Mix of Ian andersons Flute and Vocals with Martins Guitar work is wonderful. Most definately a classic.

Remastered with bonus tracks
Heavy Horses
The Same direction that Songs From the Wood took but darker and sader. Kind of a dull album cover but wonderful music. I like this Bette than Songs from the wood.

Remastered with bonus tracks
The Darkest music of these last three. Dun Ringil is a wonderful acoustic work. Somethings on the move rocks and the rest of the songs are a mix of orchestra with the band doing a mix of dark mysterious progressive music.

Remastered with bonus tracks


This is an excellent live representation of the period up to this point. Expanded with the remastering to include additional tracks.