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Crest Of a Knave
The album that won Jethro Tull a Heavy Metal Award for FARM ON THE FREEWAY was return to more of a classic tull sound. BUDAPEST is simply a great tune along with FARM ON THE FREEWAY. While the album has some weak parts over all I really like it. It is a good mix of acoustic and electric Tull with Minimal keyboard. Remastered with part of the machine bonus track

Rock Island
Mixed grill. A carry over of some of the sound from CREST but lacking in feeling. Another christmas song is nice and there are some good tracks here but..... Remastered
Catfish Rising
Holy Crap what happened. I almost hate this entire album. I think there are only two songs I like on it and it has a lot of tracks. If you like it then we have very differnt taste. I heard some classic tull fans liked it. I think it was very weak. When Jesus Came to play is kind of cool though. 2 starts for the two tracks i like. Remastered with bonus material

Roots To Branches

Now I was afraid to buy this after Catfish...However, I did and I love it. Probably the best Tull album since Songs From the Wood. I like all the songs. It is back to a woodsy sound of hanging out in the hills or an old pub with all the feeling and playing that makes a tull fan happy. Anderson and Barre have not been more in tune with each other. A great album.Remastered

Dot Com
Another semi dud. El Nino is cool and some of the bonus tracks are cool but over all I say unless you love all tull....Pass. Andersons SECRET LANGUAGE OF BIRDS might actually be better.