Sometimes you can be embarrassed by something you do or you like but you don't want to admit to. For example, how many records did the Bee Gees sell? And how many people did you know, at the time they were popular, that would admit to listening to them?

This is where I admit my Secret Shame. I read Star Trek Novels by William Shatner. Now really being a star trek fan that's not so bad, except they are just about the only books I read. And here on this page I shall review Mr. Shatners 6 Trek Novels.

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Spectre and the two books that follow are really one story. And a good story it is. Kirk, Picard, Spock and the gang meet up with Their alternate universe counterparts. The descriptions and actions of the Mirror counterparts are quite riveting. Kirk finally faces his Double.
Dark Victory Really leaves you hanging. In an attempt to stop potentially the biggest transporter in the universe from taking the Enterprise into the Mirror Universe Kirk must also seek out the antidote to the poison his wife is suffering from. The man with the antidote? Mirror Kirk.
Preserver . Did you ever wonder why there are so many worlds that look exactly like Earth? Is it possible that the Preservers were growing multiple worlds of test races of humans? Is it possible that they are not just an ancient race but still place thier obolisks around the universe? And what does the mirror universe have to do with it? The book gets a bit sloppy at times but the story is good and Shatner adds to his work from drawing upon his real life experience, the death of his wife. Not a grand finale but a decent conclusion to this trilogy.