Sometimes you can be embarrassed by something you do or you like but you don't want to admit to. For example, how many records did the Bee Gees sell? And how many people did you know, at the time they were popular, that would admit to listening to them?

This is where I admit my Secret Shame. I read Star Trek Novels by William Shatner. Now really being a star trek fan that's not so bad, except they are just about the only books I read. And here on this page I shall review Mr. Shatners 6 Trek Novels.
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The Ashes of Eden takes place between Star Trek 6 and Generations. It is the story of Kirk's last adventure, in his own time. I think that this is one of the better books in the series. It reads like a Trek film from the original cast. There isn't all of the overly scientific jargon that makes up so many Trek Novels ( Which is why I don't read them). It is a good adventure and a love story.
The Return Begins at the point of Kirks death in Generations. Spock has come to pay respects to his old friend at his temporary grave site when mysteriously Kirks body vanishes. This story involves the Borg and the Romulans and would have made a more interesting Trek 8. It is another I recommend.
Avenger is probably my least favorite of the series. It's a bit to mystical or philosophical for my taste. It involves Sarek, and Kodos from THE CONSCIENCE OF THE KING, and a great plague over the federation. Kirk is reunited with his much older love from the first book.