Wedge & Lings World Travel

star shiningThe Gap Fire July 2008-Listed here under travels because we had to evacuate

star shiningLava Beds National Monument / Tule Lake Wildlife Refuge May 2008

newYosemite National Park Feb. 2008

Australia New Years Eve 2006-7 and Tasmania Overland Track

Seattle and Orcas Island 2006

Joshua Tree National Park Spring Wildflower Trip 2006

Kauai March 2006, the wettest march on history and we got the sunny days.

Ft. Hunter Liggett 2006 Wild Flower and Rare Plant Trip


Hawaii THE BIG ISLAND 2005 including walking on lava.

Washington DC 2005

Wedge and Ling go to the Top End of Australia 2004

Wedge Ling and Zutroy's trip to Australia 2003

Wedge And Lings Trip to Australia 2001

A short trip to Australia in 1989

3 hours in Yosemite 2004

Yellowstone June 2004

Yellowstone january 2003

Monterey redwoods Grants Pass 2002

Kauai (various years from 1968-present)

The National Zoo In Washington DC

Visit the Copco lake site

Santa Barbara Hills with Tone.

Tone, Wedge and Guth Become Stalkers and go to a Xena Convention.

6 days on Santa Cruz Island

Copco Lake