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It's amazing the things you can do with Sugar. I never really liked alcoholic beverages much. Then when I found a few drinks I did like I realized the common element...RUM.

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From Australia to Nigeria, Barbados to Cuba, Rums come from all around the world.

Far from the standards of Captain Morgan and Bacardi, Myers and Mount Gay, there are literally thousands of Rums or Rhums to try.

So check you local liqueur store, not your local Safeway, and see what they have or what they can order.

and pour out that Bacardi Silver.

Rum is made from sugar (sugar cane juice) or molasses and I happen to love sugar.
Most soda pops (soft drinks) these days are now made with corn syrup instead of sugar. The result is a more bitter tasting drink. If you get a chance compare a Can of Coke from most countries other than the USA you will find it tastes better. Mexico and most countries around the world still use sugar in many of their products as well. In the USA it is better to make a larger profit than to make a quality product. Complain to your local Coca Cola Bottling co. After all a Rum and Coke doesn't Taste right with Corn Syrup.

Back to the Rum. I started collecting Rum in the early '90's and have tried over 40 Kinds. Click here to view the list of what I had when I created this site. As I get the time I will review the Rums listed.Here are some cool links


Visit Cheatsheetpublishing for drink recipes and more.

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