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The Court Of The Crimson King
A landmark classic featuring the likes of Robert Fripp(the only member to be on every Crimson album) Greg Lake and Ian Mcdonald. Known most for the song 21st Century Schitzoid Man This album also features wonderfully melodic tunes like Epitaph and I talk to the wind. A must for any Crimson Fan.

In the wake of poseidon
Another Classic but lacking in spots. Greg Lake is not featured on all the tracks and the PEACE themes are a bit dull. However, "in the wake of posiedon" and "cat food" are great tracks. The last Crimson album to feature Greg Lake.

Jon Anderson of Yes guests on this rather different album. I can not really describe this album nor say how much I really like or dislike it. I own it and won't get rid of it but....Well, Let's just say it's for a person who must have all the crimson albums.

Not a bad album but it really bores me. Personally it is the only Studio Crimson album I would say to pass on.

Note: most King Crimson Albums have been remastered in 1999 in HDCD format which plays on all cd players though you need a converter to take full advantage.