Bands and albums that I have taken the time to make comments on and make links to where you can get them. See list on the Left.

Reviewed Bands
Jon Anderson
Ian Anderson
Tori Amos
Tony Banks
Bill Bruford
Phil Collins
The Fixx
Peter Gabriel
David Gilmour
Steve Hackett
Jethro Tull
Eddie Jobson
King Crimson
Machines Of Loving Grace
Pink Floyd
Mike Rutherford
Chris Squire
Steve Walsh
Roger Waters

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Peter Gabriel

King Crimson
Yes 1979

Yes Drama
Yes 1988
Yes 1988-2
ABWH 1989
Yes union 1
Yes union 2

Anti-m (My Band)

Ronnie Montrose

The Yes pages. I have tried to review all of the Yes albums to date. Yes have come a long way and they are back to a more progressive style of music with the current lineup of Anderson, Squire, Howe, White and a symphony as of 2001. They have a DVD of their 2000 show at the House of Blues. Reviews.

Saga have been around since the late 70's. They got their break in the early 80's with hits like ON THE LOOSE and WIND HIM UP. Many of their albums are out of print so sadly some of this Progressive Rock bands best work is hard to find. Reviews.

Steve Hackett Played with Genesis from Nursery Chryme to Wind & Wuthering and gave them the sound of his mysterious guitar. You frequently could not tell if you were hearing a guitar or a keyboard or perhaps something else. Steve has over 20 solo projects. Reviews
With the original lineup back together Kansas Releases a surprisingly good album in 2000. Steve Walsh also releases and impressive solo project.
Genesis has always been one of my favorite bands along with Pink Floyd, Yes, Rush, King Crimson and Jethro Tull. With such greats as Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett in their line up as well as Phil Collins long before he went "pop". Genesis has had few line up changes, people simply left the band. In fact, getting a new vocalist for the "calling all stations" album in the late 90's was the first time a new member joined Genesis since Steve Hackett and Phil Collins joined in 1972.