The most classic Kansas albums
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Kansas discography


Song for America
Point Of Know Return
Two for the Show
Audio Visions
Vinly Confessions
Drastic Measures
In the Spirit of Things
Box set
Live at the Whiskey
Freaks of Nature
KBFH live
Always Never The Same
Somewhere to Elsewhere
Steve Walsh
Schemer Dreamer

Kerry Livgren
Seeds of change
One of several possible musiks
When things get electric
Art of the State
Odyssey into the Mind's Eye
Prime Mover II
reconstructions reconstructed


the first album and a good one. While they had much to learn and much to grow this was a fantastic outing for a band this progressive. Simply for progressive music to come out of the USA was a surprise.  Remastered With Bonus Tracks

Song for america

A great album. I think this is better than Kansas or Masque. Kansas was truely progressive. They were the YES of the USA. A classic like Leftoverture. Remastered With Bonus Tracks

Masque was the third Kansas album and featured the Classic line up of Phil Ehart, Steve Walsh, Dave Hope, Richard Williams, Kerry Livgren and Robby Steinhardt. This Progressive american rock album was released just prior to two of their biggest albums. Masque is a great Kansas album and has been digitally remastered with bonus tracks (child of innocence rehersal and it's you demo). Iracus sounds fantastic as well as Mysteries and Mayhem.

Leftoverture is probably one of the most known Kansas albums because of its Classic tune Carry On Wayward Son. The entire album is a progressive Rock master work. With the Classic Kansas Lineup This is one of the best. Digitally remastered with bonus tracks (Carry on and Cheyenne anthem live).

Point Of Know Return Followed in line with the sound and quality of Leftoverture. Great songs with wonderful performances. Even the big hit, Dust in the Wind was liked by those who normally wouldn't listen to hits. Dust, however, is the only track of its kind on this album. The Rest is a great Progressive rock venture.Digitally remastered with bonus tracks