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Stand Up
Thick as a brick
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Living In the Past
Minstrel in the Gallery
Too young to rock and roll
War Child
Songs From the Wood
Heavy Horses

Bursting out Live
Storm Watch
Broadsword and the beast
Under Wraps

Crest of a Knave
Rock Island

Catfish Rising
Roots To Branches

A little Light Music
Dot Com

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Night Cap 2 disc
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Ian Anderson Solo

Walk into Light

Secret Language of Birds
Rupi's Dance

This Keyboard based Album with Eddie Jobson Contributing (UK, Roxy Music) is excellent but nothing like any Tull Before it. It is not Dark and is mostly up tempo and techno like the '80's that were about be. I am a Jobson fan so this is a favorite of mine.
Remastered with bonus dvd slipstream
Broadsword and the Beast
Probably my Favorite Tull album. A return to a more dark sound but still dominated by keyboards. Martin's guitar reminds me more of David Gilmour on this album. The sessions for this album produced so much material that there is another discs worth of material on Nightcap and 20 years of Tull from these sessions. Some of these tracks are now included in this remastered version.
Under Wraps
After becomming a Tull fan this was my first Disappointment. Sure I love Keyboards but the album has a lot of material but it dosent seem to go anywhere. However there are some key tracks. AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING, APOGEE, TUNDRA, RADIO FREE MOSCOW are some that I like a lot. The album is dominated by Anderson and Vetessee (keyboard player from previous album and anderson solo project below) Now remastered with Enhanced video
Walk into Light -Ian Anderson
More of what you heard on Under Wraps. It has moments with TOAD IN THE HOLE, DIFFERENT GERMANY, END GAME but if you didn't like Wraps you won't like this. Over all I still play it and like it but a favorit??? no.

Divinities-Ian Anderson

All instrumental and simply Wonderful. I can't say anything more except it is a little new age like so its up to you.