Australia trip 2001
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Wedge and Ling Arrived in Sydney and went right to the hotel. Later they joined up with Tone and went to the Sydney aquarium. During the next five days we travelled to the Blue Mountains, Manly, Bondi and the Sydney Zoo. Next it was off to Tasmania where we saw lots of animals and ate great food at great prices. We visited the Cadbury Chocolate Factory where they use real cream and sugar unlike shitty american chocolate. Then Wedge went fishing for brown trout using dry flies for the first time ever. Ling got to see Tasmanian Devils.

Then it was off to Melbourne where we had the best Chinese food we had ever had and we found a bottle of Bundaberg royale. The trip to Philip Island was boring but the lightning and rains as we watched the Penguin Migration was really cool. Then another hop to the outback of Alice Springs and Ayers Rock (Uluru). The weather had been very wet there and everything was green. It stormed with great lightning storms on us every day. The Camel ride in Alice Springs was fun.
Then it was off to the tropics of Queensland (Cairns and Port Douglas and we can't forget the Great Barrier Reef.) It was very hot and sticky but the food was good and the people friendly. Dunk island was cool and we saw what we called Dig Birds and Sting Rays and sea turtles and giant clams and....and ...and I finally saw a clown fish in the wild. it was cool.

Finally it was time to return to Sydney and Fly home. Ahhhhh business class all the way.